Spark is a new comer in the world of high end flashlights, but they are bursting onto the scene with some really great offerings. The SL6-740NW and the SL6-800CW are two very high output torches at a super affordable price. This kind of performance in this price range isn’t seen too often.

The 740NW and the 800CW both use a CREE XM-L LED, and both can be powered by either 2 CR123’s or a single 18650 lithium battery. Both torches also use the same dual button interface which is unique to the Spark line up. The 740NW has a high CRI LED which represents colors with higher fidelity than normal cool white LED’s, but it does result in somewhat decreased output. The 740NW tops out at 740 lumens, and the cool white 800CW tops out at 800 lumens. When you are using lights this bright, the 40 lumen disparity doesn’t make much of a difference in use. Needless to say, both of these are more than bright enough for any task that you can throw at them.

The video below illustrates the difference between the two lights and also shows how the dual button system  functions. Words are good, but video is always better!