Small Alcohol and Bug Sprays

WalMart has a few new small spray products that have intrigued me since I first saw them a while back. While waiting in line for the inevitable five hour checkout, I picked up and looked at every POP (point of purchase) product that they had, and the little spray alcohol containers stood out as maybe actually useful. I picked up a pack to see how they did.


The two pack of alcohol sprays seems decent. I like having some type of hand sanitizer on trips so I can keep my food and the filth around me separate. I tend to squeeze half the bottle out when I use the Purell gel type hand sanitizers, so a spray is a welcome change. A couple of sprays seems adequate to sanitize my hands, but I do have little girly hands. The cap on the spray is a lot larger than it needs to be, but I can live with that. Maybe I can stuff some fire starters or something in there. Plus, you can use a few alcohol sprays to help get a fire started, and everyone knows that anything having to do with fire is awesome.


The camping section has some nicer sets of sprays. In addition to the alcohol and Picaridin sprays above, they also have DEET and sunscreen sprays. The cap is not as obnoxious as the first set and the size is more practical, but there is no clip, which I’m not sure is a benefit or a drawback. Each one is supposed to be good for 220+ sprays, so they should be able to last a trip, as long as you don’t go completely overboard with the sprays. Taking two or three wouldn’t take up a ton of room or weigh too much if you like to coat yourself everyone 10 minutes. The alcohol and Picaridin sprays are now part of my standard kit, so I’ll let you all know how they do in the long term.