I made some videos a little while back showing the Rite in the Rain water resistant notebooks, which are pretty neat. I’ve been using them for years myself and have been really happy with them, so adding them to my product selection was a no brainer. I recently picked up their DuraRite pads as well, in 3″ x 5″ and 4″ x 6″.

The regular RITR products are water resistant paper, but they are still paper. They can handle rain, a light dunking, and short term immersion. Water will eventually seep into them though, so they are not considered completley waterproof.

The DuraRite products are made out of synthetic materials and are completely waterproof. You can drop them in water, write on them underwater, leave them underwater, and have no problems.

I have customers that do a lot of kayaking, canyoneering, fly fishing, and other saturated activities that swear by DuraRite. If untreated paper gets destroyed by you and regular RITR pads still get a little ratty from moisture, then maybe you need to try out the DuraRite line.