Time for some life changes! TGR does not have as much of an emphasis on online sales as they use to, so I am no longer working full time for them. I will still be doing some work for them, but a lot of my focus is shifting to another company, Conservation Mart.

Conservation Mart is an Atlanta based online retailer that focuses on resource saving items, like CFL bulbs, electricity monitors, and low flow shower heads. The current item selection is at around 600 items, so there are a good bit of things to help save some money on utility bills and be a little nicer to our planet.

I am handling their online marketing, so any shilling you see around the Internet is probably coming from me. I started a blog that talks about our items and other conservation related topics, so give it a read every now and then and you might learn some useful information about saving resources. Since it is business related, I will actually update the blog several times a week, unlike my shameful attempts at keeping the GP blog updated.

On another blog note, I recently built a blog called Sustain Word for my brother. He owns a green construction company here in Atlanta and has been featured on the Weather Channel, the Discovery Channel, and in many magazines. Go give him some traffic too, since he has been going at the blog thing head on for the past couple of weeks, and has a lot of good content. He is tapped into green technologies and companies that are way ahead of most of what is on the market, so you will learn about some new ways to save energy and be more eco-friendly around your house or office.

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