The Baton series from Olight has always been a favorite amongst those that were looking for an easy to use, AA powered flashlight that could fit into any pack. But now, Olight has released a new light to the Baton series, but they changed the battery type and lumen output. The Olight S80 Baton is different from its predecessors thanks to its customized lithium-ion 26650 battery that allows the light to produce 750 lumens on turbo. The incredible part about this light is how relatively small it is for such a powerful light: no larger than the S35 or S65, yet it is twice as bright as the S35. This new Baton may be brighter, but it does still have the same user interface as the S35 and S65, which allows first time users to easily access all modes, and will be easy for those that have used the Baton previously. The light comes in a rugged case that includes a holster and a home charging kit, and is a great choice for those looking for a light that is bright and portable.