Some of our favorite lights here at GoingGear are the ones which are simple, and bright. The Olight i6 Paladin definitely fits those criteria, so naturally it has become a favorite with us and many others as well.

The i6 Paladin is the perfect example of a user friendly torch with tons of output. Using a CREE XM-L LED and 2 CR123 lithium batteries the i6 can push out 420 lumens on the max brightness setting. On low, the i6 still pumps out 80 lumens, which is more than enough light for most day to day tasks. When the low setting just isn’t enough, a simple turn of the head delivers over 5x as much light. The user interface is just as simple as it sounds in that last sentence. Unlike most other lights in this category, switching between brightness settings doesn’t require a complicated maneuver. When the light is on, twisting the head allows the user to choose between high and low. It really is just that simple.

Sometimes we stumble across lights that just work, and work well. The i6 Paladin is definitely one of those lights.