Novatac Lights for $20 When You Buy One at Full Price

novatacstorm_blkNovatac just announced a heck of a deal, for those of you in the market for a new flashlight. When you buy a Novatac at full price from an authorized dealer (like me), you can get one of their new lights from them for $20 plus shipping. The models included are the Storm, Special Ops, and Classic. Considering that the lights start at $89, this is a pretty sweet deal.

The Novatac lights feature a switch that is probably my favorite out of the 200+ flashlights that I stock. Unlike most of the tactically oriented models where you lightly press for momentary activation and click all the way for constant on, you can press the Novatac switch as hard as you want for either operation. Press and hold for momentary and release when you are done to have it turn off. Quickly press it to leave it on. Each model has multiple brightnesses and all except the Wichita have strobe, so you have versatility when you need it.

The offer details and pdf redemption form can be found on Novatac’s offer page.