New JETBeam Lights

jetbeamrrt2I’ve got some new goodies from JETBeam that are pretty friggin’ cool. JETBeam is fast becoming one of my favorite flashlight companies, thanks to their customizable interfaces and good looks. The Jet III M is probably still my favorite light from them, but these new ones are bringing some serious competition.

JETBeam RRT-1 Raptor – This is one of the first of the premium flashlights on the market to use a selector ring. Instead of twisting the head or messing with the tailcap button, the RRT-1 has a silver ring toward the front that you turn to select between low, medium, high, and strobe. The reflector is massive, so it can light up objects a few football fields away. Awfully impressive for a relatively small light.

JETBeam RRT-2 Raptor – The RRT-2 is basically the same as the RRT-1 in terms of technology and functionality, but the reflector is much smaller, so you have a more compact package with the same selector ring.

JETBeam Jet I Pro v3.0 – The Jet I Pro is a little guy, using only a single AA, but it can compete with lights several times larger thanks to its ability to take 14500 (AA sized) rechargeable lithium batteries and its top of the line CREE R2 LED. My favorite part about the light is that it uses JETBeam’s customizeable interface, meanging that you can set all three modes to whatever you want. You can have different brightness, strobe, SOS, flashing, or any combination of those. I like to set one mode to all the way up (240 lumens), one all the way down (2 lumens), and one a bit in between (30 lumens). Those three settings cover almost everything that I normally do with a flashlight.