New fire kit – Tootsie Roll special edition

I keep on looking for small containers that will house a new fire kit for me. The main constraint seems to be the 4″ firesteel, since most small containers are not that long. Along comes Target’s Dollar Spot to the rescue, with the their candy tins of the perfect size. My hopes for a ton of candy were dashed since they contain a whopping four tootsie rolls. Jerks.

tootsie roll fire kit

After the quick Tootsie energy boost (X4), I started stuffing fire kit parts into the tin to see what it could do. I still had room left, but I was able to fit:

1 x 3/8″ x 4″ firesteel
1 x PJ cotton balls
1 x Mini Bic lighter
1 x Capsule bottle lighter
4 x Coghlan’s fire sticks, broken to fit
1 x hacksaw blade piece to use as a firesteel striker

I should stuff some duct tape in there, but I think that makes a pretty complete little fire kit for trips where I don’t mind the space and weight of something like this. According to my scale, the tin fully loaded comes in at 9 oz.

tootsie roll fire kit

tootsie roll fire kit

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