Motherlode of Stuff – Come Buy It!

I finally got my huge order of aluminum stuff yesterday after DHL did their best to make sure I didn’t. I was kind of wary about placing such a large order, but I am very pleased with the quality. The anodizing looks great, every item works as it should, and you have the best store in the world’s URL on every piece (except the emergency whistles). I made my prices half of what you would pay for the same thing at REI or most any other store. Come buy 10 of each so my landlord does not kick my wife and I out on the street.

new gear

Here is what’s new from that shipment:


Aluminum Waterproof Match Case – Gray
Aluminum Waterproof Battery Capsule – Blue
Aluminum Small Waterproof Capsule – Blue
Aluminum Small Waterproof Capsule – Red
Aluminum Waterproof Silo Capsule – Black


Strap Carabiner – Purple
Strap Carabiner – Red
Wire Gate Carabiner – Silver
Wire Gate Carabiner – Black
Flat Wire Gate Carabiner – Black
Small Carabiner – Green


Emergency Whistle Capsule – Red
Bullet Whistle – Red
Bullet Whistle – Blue

[b]Tent Stakes:[/b]

Aluminum Tent Tri Stake – Silver
Aluminum Tent Tri Stake – Red

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