I know there have been a lot of “I have new stuff in the store” post lately, and I apologize for that. I have been very busy trying to make my store successful now that it is 100% my full time job. I am working on some more content type posts that I think will share some good information. That said, here is another “I have new stuff in the store” post.

Premium flashlights were the very first real reason I wanted to open up an e-commerce store several years ago. I tried opening Fenix as a vendor, but they would not let me do so without a fully functioning website, which was a problem since they were to be my first and premier brand. I got a new job, moved to a new house, and other factors in life combined to let my flashlight and e-commerce dreams be put on hold for a while. Several thousand firesteels later, I have a successful e-commerce site and the ability to pick up a few new brands a month.

h50_1_largeThe first premium flashlight brand I have in stock is Zebralight, a company known for very high quality headlamps with nice, compact designs. I have the following models in stock and ready to ship:

Zebralight H30-Q5 LED Headlamp

Zebralight H501-Q5 LED Headlamp

Zebralight H50b-Q5 LED Headlamp

Zebralight H60-Q5 LED Headlamp

Expect to see more flashlight brands in the next couple of weeks. ITP Light already has a big chunk of change from me and Fenix will very soon.