Matt’s official title here at Going Gear is “Sales Manager,” but it should really be “Special Projects Guy.” Sure, he handles a our wholesale customers and accounts, but it definitely doesn’t stop there. He’s also the go-to-guy for random around the shop projects as well as always being on the look out for new dealers and suppliers. And then there is the super top secret project he an Marshall have been working on for months and hope to tell you all about soon.

Previous to working here at Going Gear, Matt held positions at museums and Space Camp, so his employment history is as diverse as his interests which include history, movies, music, cars, and airplanes. Most of all, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and daughter.

Keeping with Matt’s Jack-of-all-trades job title, he knows a bit about pretty much everything in the store. If he doesn’t know, his inquisitive nature drives him to learn about it. Come by the shop and say hello to Matt; he’s one of the most genuine folks you’ll have the pleasure to talk to in your day.