In case you haven’t noticed, I like playing with fire. A friend and I were playing with some of my fire related toys the other day and he asked why I would take a peanut lighter instead of a butane lighter or the classic mini Bic. Well, here is a video that shows why:

I apologize for the darkness of the video. I’ll be sure to jack up the exposure on my next one.

I know that you can waterproof a Bic or a butane lighter, but why not just take one that is waterproof in the first place? Also, the peanut lighter is short and fat, with a flat bottom, so it can tailstand very easily. The one downside is that it is solid metal, so it does heat up quite a bit if it stays lit for an extended period. I got my peanut lighters from oregon over in the CPF marketplace, but county comm also has then if oregon is not longer a dealer.