It’s easy to say that Klarus is one of our favorite brands at the store, and most of us actually carry or own some type of Klarus light. When it comes to a quality build that’s reliable and incredibly easy to use, we will always recommend Klarus as one of the best. That is why we’re excited to see that they have just released the new RS11: a 620 lumen flashlight with a few tricks up its sleeve.

The new RS11 is Klarus’s first attempt at creating a light with a charging port, which comes in very handy for those looking for a light to keep in a car or truck, since there is no need to purchase a separate charger to charge the batteries (keeps the light and battery in one convenient package). Since the charging port is located in the back of the light, the infamous dual switch interface has been moved towards the head of the light, and has a bit of a different interface (similar to the ED10 pressure switch for the XT11). At the head of the light, Klarus used a more aggressive bezel to protect the lens of the light, that is also very efficient as a defense tool to thwart off any attackers. The light has three modes (low, medium, high) and a strobe that can be accessed via the secondary switch.

As a rechargeable light, this one has been very impressive so far, and is very versatile and easy to recharge anywhere, which makes it a good light for any commuter.