The new JETBeam RRT-3 is a true monster of a light. Instead of the single SST-50 that the old version used, this new version uses triple CREE XM-L LEDs to pump out a blistering 1950 lumens. The ideal power source for the RRT-3 is three 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries. The 18650 cell will offer the highest output and the longest run time when compared with the CR123 primaries that most lights use. Operation of the RRT-3 is made simple with the use of a rotary switch paired with a tail cap clicky. The clicky turns the light on, and the rotary ring adjusts the output – it’s really that easy. Check the video below out to get a feel for just how insane this light really is.

When you need to turn night into day, the choices don’t get much better than the RRT-3.