The JETBeam RRT-3 is the latest model in the Rapid Response line. Like the other models, the RRT-3 uses a rotating ring to switch between modes. The RRT-3 has eight different modes: seven brightnesses from 1 all the way to up 1200 lumens plus variable strobe. 1200 lumens is about 15 times the brightness of a 4D MagLite, or, in other words, a crazy amount of light. The RRT-3 has a range of several football fields, easily, making it powerful enough for just about any task. Add in JETBeam’s attention to detail, top end machining, and flat out good looking aesthetics and you have a heck of a light.

A carry handle, remote pressure switch, and picatinny rail mount are also available if you want to fully trick out your light. Watch the video below for a better idea of what the light can do.