Earlier in the month I published a review of the JETBeam PA20: a two cell AA flashlight that has a tactical purpose in mind. For those that liked the features of the light, but were looking for a smaller version/CR123 version, we have officially received three new lights from the P series. The JETBeam PA10, PC10, and PC20 are the single cell AA, single cell CR123, and the double cell CR123 answers to the PA20 by providing smaller size and a higher lumen rating. Surprising enough, the most powerful out of the series is not the PC20, but the PA10 (when powered by a lithium-ion 14500 battery) can produce a whopping 650 lumens. The PC10 (using an RCR123/16340) can produce 550 lumens, and the PC20 can produce 410 lumens. While the three new lights may be brighter, they do still keep true to the easy user interface that is loaded with different outputs and modes, and includes a heavy duty carrying case and holster with accessories.