JETBeam IBS Lights – I Pro, EX, III ST, III Ultra

JETBeam is always coming up with new ways to make me drool over flashlights, and one of the neatest things they have incorporated into their lights is the IBS system. The current models that feature a reverse switch (click and release to turn on the light, soft press to switch modes) all have the IBS system. The system allows you to program the light’s three modes to whatever you want, from 2-240 lumens, strobe, SOS, and several other flashing modes. My customers are divided on whether or not strobe is a good thing to have in a light, so this is the light to get if you want to make sure that your light does not have strobe on a daily basis. Of course, if you like strobe and the other flashing modes, you could always program all three modes to give seizures.

The Jet I Pro is the baby of the family, using only one AA battery. On a 14500 rechargeable lithium, the Jet I Pro easily rivals lights several times its size thanks to the powerful LED and reflector designed to take advantage of the LED as much as possible. This is the light that I combine with a headlamp as my lighting arsenal in the woods when I am looking to keep things relatively lightweight.

The Jet I Pro EX is the same as the Jet I Pro, but uses 2 AA batteries instead of just one for twice the battery life and higher brightness on NiMh and alkaline batteries.

The Jet III ST can use 2 CR123, 2 16340, or 1 18650 battery. The body is still slim enough to keep in your pocket or pack, making this one a good option for people who like lithiums and still want a compact light.

The Jet III Ultra is a larger lithium light, with a much larger head and reflector compared to the Jet III ST. The larger head gives you a light that throw the beam much further than the smaller reflectors.

Here’s a video showing the lights and how to program the interface: