iTP and its sister company Olight both release a holiday set each year with some of their popular lights at a decent price. We looked at one of the Olight ones recently, but the iTP version, the Solar Traveler Set, is maybe my favorite. The set includes an R01 and titanium A3, both with the latest and greatest CREE XP-G S2 LED. Like the name suggests, the set also includes a solar charger, along with the requisite adapters and cables to charge not only the R01, but also any other device that can be charged off of a USB cable.

The solar charger is a nice little unit, with enough capacity to charge during the day and recharge your gadgets at night. It even has a little LED light built in, making it three flashlights in the kit (OK, maybe 2.5). A lot of companies will put together kits during the holidays with extras of questionable value, so it is nice to see a company adding in some stuff that is truly useful.