iTP Light LED Flashlights in the Store

c9rI know, I’m doing a pretty crappy job of writing non Going Gear posts. I have a lot of new brands and items these days, so I promise I’ll get back to some gear and skills info soon.

Anyway, I have another new flashlight brand in the store. This time it’s iTP Light, a relatively unknown company, but one that will definitley become more well known very soon. They make great flashlights with nice designs and the latest technology. Their prices are also very reasonable compared to other premium flashlight brands, which is a sweet bonus.

ITP Light describes their designs as “bullet shaped,” which gives them a different look compared to the average light out there. The nice part of those designs is that they are very comfortable to hold in the hand, regardless of how you hold them.

Here is what I have:

ITP Light C10R CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light C10T Tactical CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light C6R-OP LED Flashlight

ITP Light C6T-OP Tactical LED Flashlight

ITP Light C7R AA CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light C7T Tactical AA LED Flashlight

ITP Light C9R CR123 CREE LED Flashlight

ITP Light E50 Tactical CREE LED Flashlight