After the wild success of the iTP A3 flashlight, the H01 headlamp from them has been hotly anticipated.  The H01 shipment just landed at the store a couple of days ago, so I spent some time this weekend making a video review showing the light in action.

My verdict is that the light is hard to beat at $29.95.  It is one of the only single AAA lights on the market, meaning that it is small and light while still having a tough hard anodized aluminum body like the A3.  The headband and holder are super comfortable, and the soft rubber holder holds the light very securely.  The H01 has three brightnesses, starting with a low low, then going to a medium and finally high as you turn it off and on to switch modes.

The H01 also comes with a pocket clip, for those of you that prefer to have the light attached somewhere other than your head.  I actually prefer my lights this way, since having it down at my chest or waist level creates better shadows on the trail at night, giving me better depth perception.