iTP A6 Polestar – 700 Lumens for $80

itpa6iTP got an awful lot of attention lately for their AAA lights, the A3 EOS and the similar lights they made for County Comm’s brand, Maratac. After entering the tiny and bright market, I guess they figured the next logical step would be the big and bright market.

iTP just announced the A6 Polestar, a light using six AA batteries and a CREE MC-E LED for a whopping 700 lumens. These days, 700 lumens is becoming common for premium lights, but the A6 is coming in at around half the price of competing lights from Fenix, Jetbeam, Olight, and other companies. iTP also took quite a departure from the tactical mindset that manufacturers are stuck in and put the switch on the side instead of on the tail. Some will like that and some will hate it, but at least they are not just copying everyone else like so many other brands.

I know I’m a dealer and (very) biased, but I really can’t wait to see what they do next.