The HDS Executive 120 and 170 are both extremely compact and bright lights. Small size and great output makes the Executive series perfect for the every day carry role.

The only difference between the 120 and 170 versions is the output. As the name implies the 120 version tops out at 120 lumens on high, while the 170 version tops out at 170 lumens on the max brightness setting. Both of the lights utilize a single CR123 lithium battery which provides maximum run time while still maintaining a small package. Both torches also have 4 preset brightness settings allowing you to choose the right amount of output for the task at hand. Along with the great features the Executive series sports the same high quality that all other HDS flashlights have, ensuring years and years of loyal service.

It’s hard to get an idea of how a flashlight works through words, so watch the video below for a better idea.