Hats for Summer/Fall

I realized the importance of wearing a hat when during the last month of college, a buddy shaved his curly locks. I chock it up to misplaced anxiety. It wasn’t being bald that shocked me. I couldn’t believe that the top of his head was sunburned. Apparently our hair doesn’t provide much sun protection. If you were to get slightly burned or darkened, you wouldn’t know to look under your hair at your scalp.

For a sunny day in the summer or fall, what do you wear on your noggin? Baseball cap, flex fit cap, beanie, buff, bandana, fedora, balaclava, visor, wide brim hat, or nothing? (There was that one buff that you soaked in water and it would evaporate and refresh you throughout the day.)

I really like my white Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap.

White or Khaki

I’m far from anything remotely called a runner but I still proudly wear my hat. It is a baseball style cap that is made of lightweight fabric with a SPF 30 rating. Plus, the hat features mesh panels running down the side, internal sweat band and expandable back. The real beauty is the detachable neck cape that you can snap on or off. The cape provides adjustable protection for your neck and cheeks. So when you don’t want to look like a desert nomad fighting insurgents, just snap the cape off and you’re a normal person with a baseball cap on. It is light enough that you can fold it and stuff in your pocket.

Maybe I’ll revisit the topic with winter hats, probably the Outdoor Research wide brim hats (Seattle Sombero and Nimus). I still remembering asking the college buddy why he did it. He said, “Its just one of those things.” Hopefully, with the proper sunscreen (previous article) and a good hat, I won’t end up with red scalp.

If you’re interested, REI is offering the hat at 30% for summer clearance. Unfortunately, goinggear.com doesn’t have it stock.

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