If you frequent candlepowerforums.com, this is nothing new to you, but I thought it was pretty cool.

We had some friends over last night and I was showing off my flashlights that I had built from Mag bodies. One of them is around 1100 bulb lumens. If you are not sure how bright that is, just think of a beam of light where you cannot even look at the object you are shining the light on if it is close, let alone the bulb itself. There are lights out there that are MUCH brighter, but this is the brightest one I currently own.

I mentioned the youtube video of the CPF member starting a fire using newspaper and his flashlight (I think that one is around 10,000 lumens). One of my friends asked if mine could start a fire…

Well, I had never thought of that, so, of course, I instantly tried. I grabbed some leaves, and got them smoking pretty well. I went inside and grabbed a piece of newspaper, crumpled it up, and set the light in front of it. It smoked almost instantly and actually lit on fire in about 10 seconds. I took the light away and the flames kind of died off, but the paper kept smoldering until I smothered it. Caught a few moths on fire in the process too.

I know, I am a huge nerd.