Flashlight Brand #839 for me:  Jetbeam

jetbeamm1xOne of these days, I am going to run out of flashlight brands to stock in my store. I will weep like a fat kid at a salad restaurant on that day, but that fateful moment is apparently a long, long way off.

The newest brand for me is Jetbeam, the only brand of which I actually own multiple lights of the same exact light for my own personal use. Their lights are just nice, with aesthetic and functional touches that go way beyond what most companies will do. They started doing square threading recently for a better seal and better contact in the threads. Knurling and other grippy surfaces all over the place. Multiple modes, with at least one that you can program yourself to whatever brightness you prefer. Stainless steel bezels and tailcaps on some of the lights. HA III as a standard on the entire line. Even their packaging looks more high end than the other brands. Mmmm, flashlights.

Here is what I have:

JETBeam Element E3P CREE Q5 LED Flashlight

JETBeam Jet-1 PRO EX v2.0 Q5 LED Flashlight

JETBeam Jet-III Pro ST BVC Q5 LED Flashlight

JETBeam Jet-III Pro Ultra Q5 LED Flashlight

JETBeam M1X CREE MC-E LED Flashlight

I’ll have the rest of their line in stock and ready to ship in the next week or two.