The world of super high output flashlights can be an overwhelming place to a lot of people. One has to be fairly familiar with the terms conditions that come with using a super output light for it to be safe and reliable. I would venture to say that many people would like a simpler and safer way to get that mega output. For that crowd, Fenix made the perfect torch.

The Fenix Tk60 is a mega output torch that is exempt from the rules and risks that come with lithium batteries. The rechargeable lithium cells that normally power the super high output lights can be dangerous if the user is not familiar with their use. The TK60 uses the ubiquitous D cell battery which is completely safe no matter the conditions. In addition to being extremely safe the D cell is easy to find and fairly cheap. The TK60 utilizes the D cell to the fullest pumping out 800 lumens on the max brightness setting. The throw with this light is amazing as well. Check out the video below for a better idea of just how well this light performs!