In the world of high output lights the TK50 is a rarity. Most high output lights use lithium cells. While there is nothing inherently wrong with lithium batteries, they can be quite expensive and aren’t very user friendly.

The TK50 will run on alkaline or rechargeable D cell batteries. Using a battery as common as the D cell means that if your light runs out of battery, you will be able to find replacements pretty much anywhere on earth. Output is very good, peaking out at 255 lumens. The beam is also very concentrated which will boost the perceived brightness a bit. The TK50 shares its operation with the TK45. It has two buttons, one turns the light off and on, and the other switches between brightnesses.

The TK50 isn’t a flood light, so if you want a tight beam this flashlight isn’t the best for your needs. If a focused beam and ease of use is what you want, then it doesn’t get any better than the Tk50.