The Fenix TK45 is an interesting light. In a time when most other companies are ditching multi-LED setups for the newer, massive LEDs, Fenix headed in the opposite direction with the TK45 and put three LEDs in three separate reflectors. The result is a surprisingly nice beam and a lot of versatility.

The TK45 has four brightnesses and three flashing modes, all of which are controlled by two switches below the head of the light. Switches on the side of the light instead of the tail allows the user to hold the light in a more natural position, which is great for a light this size. The highest brightness is 760 lumens for times when you need full power, but it can also go as low as 8 lumens on just one of the LEDs for times when you need the light for up close work or when you want to save battery power. Speaking of batteries, the TK45 is powered by 8 AAs, same as the TK40.

See it in action: