Fenix’s PD31 is truly a pocket rocket. It’s small size and amazing output make it one of the most useful lights on the market. Having a small but bright flashlight is important, because a flashlight too big to carry is a flashlight that doesn’t get used. Also, the six different brightness levels mean you will have just the right amount of light for every situation. It’s a stylish light, so even if you’re not a frequent user at least you’ll look cool carrying your new toy clipped in your pocket.

The PD31 is a performer in every sense. The Cree XPG-R5 emitter has a 50,000 hour lifetime, which means you will never have to bother with replacing the bulb. The PD31 is powered by either 2 CR123 batteries, or a single 18650 cell giving you flexibility when it comes to power sources. The R5 emitter spits out a blinding 304 ANSI lumens on high; paired with the deep reflector it allows the user to fully illuminate anything out to 140 meters. With a max runtime of 200 hours on low you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in an extended use situation. Fenix kindly equipped the PD31 with reverse polarity protection, meaning that no harm should come if you put the batteries in incorrectly. The PD31 is also equipped with a tail cap that allows the flashlight to stand on end. Being able to use the light as a candle comes in handy in power outages.

Did that get you excited about the light? Unfortunately, it was a limited edition and sold out almost immediately. Maybe if enough people harass Fenix, we can get them to make it again.