Costco was the wonderful Eneloop Power Pack on sale for $19.99 after an instant rebate. You pack tax on the before rebate price ($27.99), so keep that in mind. The pack contains:

  • 8 x AA
  • 2 x AAA
  • 4 x C adapters
  • 4 x D apapters
  • 4 cell charger

If you are not familiar with Eneloops, they are low self discharge rechargeable batteries, which means that they still have 85% of their charge left after a year of storage. Regular NiMh batteries lose their entire charge in a matter of weeks or months, so these are great batteries for outdoorsy people to have in backpacks and kits. They also can provide a high amperage, which is nice for flashlights and other electronics that can take advantage of the additional power.

For once, this is not a short deal that only last a week or two. The sign at the Costco by me said the price is good through 8/31/09.