Per Sanyo, Eneloop C and D sizes are coming soon. The capacities are pretty wonderful, at 5700 mAh for D and 3000 mAh for C. AA Eneloops are 2000 mAh, just for reference. Sure, other companies have released low self discharge batteries in this size, but none have had that Eneloop goodness. Low self discharge batteries are ones that do not lose their charge rapidly after being charged, like most NiMh or NiCad batteries. Eneloops are widely regarded as some of the best LSD batteries on the market, with their ability to handle high currents, super high quality, accurate capacity ratings, and small size (some rechargeable batteries are larger than regular AA alkalines and will not fit in certain gadgets). The press release only mentions Japan for now, but they are being released on my birthday, which would be an awfully convenient time for them to start selling them in the US as well.

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