The EagleTac T20C2 is a combat light with super high output. While its main purpose is being a tactical light, its size and output make it perfect for every day carry as well. In the video below the regular T20C2 as well as the T20C2 S2 version is reviewed.

The higher output version of the T20C2 uses the new CREE XM-L LED which puts out a higher volume of light than previous LEDs. This new LED gives the MkII a max output of 720 lumens on high. The T20C2 S2 uses the smaller S2 LED. While putting out less light overall, the S2 version will have a tighter and brighter hot spot. Both lights utilize the CR123 lithium battery which provides maximum run time while still maintaining a small package. Both versions of the light use the same interface which has three different brightness settings.

It’s difficult to know which version is right for you, so hopefully the video below will help you out.