The Eagletac PN20a and PN20a2 are both extremely useful every day carry lights that run off of AAA batteries. The PN20a utilizes a single AAA cell, and the PN20a2 utilizes 2 of the same battery.

Both lights are extremely small and light, which makes them effortless to carry. Despite their small size, these lights are no slouch in the output department. The single cell PN20a tops out at 70 lumens, and the larger 2 cell PN20a2 tops out at 100 lumens. While these aren’t extremely high output torches, they still put out enough light for most any task. Output isn’t the main concern with these two lights; small size and affordability are the selling points for the PN20a series.

These two lights are perfect for the person who wants a small, reliable, and affordable light that they can carry every day.