Being well known for their tactical and practical T20C2, the engineers at EagleTac have announced another great light that has an upgraded XM-L U2 and can produce 770 LED (640 ANSI) lumens. Known as the G25C2, this new weapons light has a significant amount of throw and a fair amount of flood thanks to the deep reflector that is textured with a minimal orange peel. Unlike their previous models, the G25C2 has the ability to house tubular extensions, which allows the light to hold more batteries in order to increase runtime (the light can house three CR123s/four CR123’s or two 18650s with the three and four battery extender respectively). There is an option on the site that will allow the user to add an accessory kit, which includes: filters (red,green,blue,yellow,diffuser), and the three and four cell extension bodies.