Dehumidifier/Water Cooler

My brother owns a green construction company, so he has some pretty cool products at his offices every now and then. He has a new water cooler in there that would be great to have, from several aspects. It is actually a dehumidifier, so it pulls in moisture from the air, filters it, then treats it using UV and turns it into potable water. It heats and cools the water as well, so you have a full featured water cooler that you don’t actually have to add water bottles or a water line to. The product literature said that it can do ~4 gallons a day, which is plenty for the average family’s drinking needs. Obviously, it will work better in more humid conditions (sorry, Arizonans).

So you have ecological benefits, self-sustaining benefits, and badass gadget benefits. If only it weren’t the cost of four car payments…


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