I was my usual slack self in putting together the prize for the first photo assignment, but it is finally all done. Kevin received the most votes, but he is a girly girl and is afraid of fire, so he bequeathed the fire starting kit to claraka. I included a wide variety of items in the kit, both in producing the fire (lighters, firesteel) and keeping it going (fatwood, PJ cotton balls, etc.). Hopefully the kit will help claraka become a super fire starter. Everyone be sure to harass her until she posts pictures and maybe a video of her attempts to use the kit.

I think videos are better at showing instructions that a written tutorial, so I made a video explaining the contents of the kit and their usage. It was a little over 11 minutes, which is what really delayed the whole thing, since youtube has a 10 minute limit and I had to find a free program to let me split it up into parts. The first part explains the contents and the second part shows the contents in action.

Part 1

Part 2

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