Thanks to Going Gear, I haven’t overnighted in the woods in over a year.  The last trip we did was last January to Cumberland Island, and calling that roughing it is a stretch.  Now that I have lackeys employees, I finally have the ability to take a couple of days off to get outside.  The wife and I are going to head up to North Georgia in the middle of the week next week and wander around in the woods for a bit.  We might even take our mutt, which would be his first overnight trip ever.  I’m sure he is drooling with anticipation.

We are able to go on hikes every now and then, but that’s just not the same.  Having a store full of all this new and high tech gear that I never really get to use has been driving me insane, so I am highly anticipating dragging way too much stuff through the woods, eating freeze dried meals, wishing swift deaths upon Georgia’s insect population, wondering if the bear on the trail is going to get in a fight with our dog, and all that other fun stuff.  Hopefully I do not keel over due to my lack of exercise.

Anyone else been out of the outdoors for too long?  Discuss in the comments or in the forum.