I haven’t posted about TGR’s ebay listings in a while, because, well, we haven’t really been doing much on ebay lately. Listings are starting to pick up again, so I’ll start doing these posts again.

Right now we have a bunch of random stuff up, and there are some interesting things in there. Spring Marmot clothing, a Western Mountaineering bag, some really nice waders, and other random stuff. Tomorrow night is around 120 pairs of Chacos and Salomon shoes.

The things that should get our customer in a tizzy are the Fall 2008 Arc’Teryx samples that are going up this week. I think there are around 100 pieces, all new with tags, including some new styles that are just now hitting stores. They will all be at a fixed price, probably 20% off retail on men’s, and 30% off on women’s. Now would be a good time to take advantage of the 20% Microsoft Live rebate and 10% off ebay coupons, if you were lucky enough to get a coupon. Anyone can do the rebate.

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