The Armytek Predator is a fantastic tactical light that a plethora of modes with an ultra smooth reflector and XP-G S2 LED for an incredible ability to light up targets from far away. However, the Predator is rather tricky for novice flashlight users due to its complex user interface, which can leave a few people confused and frustrated. Thankfully, the Armytek Viking S and Viking X still have the same power output and durability, but feature an easier user interface for those that are just getting into the tactical flashlight realm. The Viking S is similar to the Predator S with its long throw and 500 lumen output, while the  Viking X includes an upgraded XM-L U2 LED that boosts the light up to 750 lumens, and creates more spill for a larger area. Both lights have an incredibly tough body material that can handle extreme conditions, and can work in almost any element. These lights are a fantastic choice for long distance targets, and can easily be used for an EDC bag light.