For those of you tired of seeing my million and a half flashlight video reviews, here is something a bit different. I’ve been using my new backpacking backpack, the Arc’Teryx Axios 50, for a couple of months now and have become a huge fan. I made a video running through the features on a recent trip to the North Georgia mountains. OK, there is a flashlight in this one, but I (barely) resist the temptation to turn it on.

The Axios 50 is billed as a lightweight pack, but Arc’Teryx has managed to cram in more features in this pack than my old Gregory that weighed almost double the weight. It has three pockets on the lid instead of the regular single one, a mesh back that does a really good job of keeping your back dry, comfortable suspension, and a very water resistant material. I was honestly not expecting much from the suspension, but I wore it for several hours on my first trip and didn’t mind the 35+ lbs I had stuffed in there. Normally, we get to the camp site and I ditch the pack so I can keep exploring, but I actually kept the pack on while wandering since it felt fine.

Here is the video to give you a better idea of what I mean: