7 Strand Paracord + 1 Strand

paracordI’ve been looking around for a supplier of quality paracord for a long time, and a company I’ve been in contact with for a while just came through in a big way. I received some samples today of their paracord and I was surprised (in a good way) by the quality. Take a look at the picture. Count the strands. That’s right, eight strand paracord instead of the standard seven.

The rep had mentioned in an email that the paracord was eight strand, but I just figured he had fat fingered the number, so I was expecting the regular stuff that everyone else sells. Paracord with inner strands is extremely useful for anyone in the outdoors, since you can use the whole cord for strong cordage when you need it, or easily dismantle it and use the outer sleeve and inner strands separately for gear repair, shelter building, fishing, or for whatever else you might need some strong fibers.

The manufacturer is a US military manufacturer that says they use the highest quality nylon they can find for the paracord, which means that it should handle use and abuse with ease. I hope to have six colors of it in stock over in the store in the next week.