Camelbak Better Bottle in Tritan and Stainless Steel

Camelbak Better Bottles are my preferred delivery method for hydration, with their high durability, ease of use, and no spilling.  I talked about them a while back and my enthusiasm has not diminished.

I always go overboard with the tipping of the wide mouth bottles and end up with a shirt (and chin) dribbled in water, so finding a high quality bottle that eliminates that problem was refreshing. I’ve been using the Better Bottles daily for several years now for work, home, and outdoor use, so I am excited to finally have some in stock. Recommending my favorite product that I didn’t even carry in the store made my inner capitalist cry.

The bottles come in quite a few different BPA free Tritan plastic colors and a few different sizes. I personally prefer the .75L one, but they also have .5L and 1L as well. Starting this year, they even have a stainless steel version.