We finally have all of the kinks ironed out of thegearrevival.com (I think) and our 5,000 strong e-mail list is about to hear about the site. The mass e-mail is not going out until Sunday night, so I am giving you all a heads up before then. The 10% off that we already have isn’t much, so how about 20% off on everything? Even better, how about 50% off on Patagonia?


patagonia-gear-revival for 50% off our already discounted prices on all Patagonia
GP20 for 20% off on everything else

Our checkout system will only let you use one coupon at a time, so just let me know if you place two orders that would together get you over the $50 free shipping threshold on Priority Mail and I will refund your shipping.

I am adding more items daily. Up next are Mammut, Thermarest, MSR, Wigwam, and lots more.

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