The 4Sevens Maelstrom X7 is a very high output light that utilizes the new CREE XM-L LED. This new LED is larger than previous versions which allows more overall light to come from the emitter.

Since the X7 uses the XM-L LED it doesn’t have as much throw as the previous models, but it still puts out a ton of light. The X7 produces a beam that is more floody with a wider hot spot, which in turn lights up more of your surroundings. With previous models you had somewhat of a tunnel vision affect due to the tight hot spot and lack of spill. The X7 has 4 different brightness modes and can run on either 2 CR123 lithium primaries or 1 18650 rechargeable lithium battery. The different brightness modes and choice of power cells makes the light very versatile and flexible.

Check out the video so you can get a better idea of why you need this light!