The Maelstrom X10 is virtually the same light as 4Seven’s popular S12, but with one major change. The X10 features the new CREE XM-L LED while the S12 uses a Luminous SST-90.

The smaller XM-L LED of the X10 will give it the edge in throw compared to it’s brother, the S12. While the S12 does put out more light overall, the X10 will appear to be brighter at distance due to the increased throw. The X10 uses a single rechargeable 26650 battery to push the XM-L LED all the way to 640 blinding lumens. While there are plenty of lights with comparable output, they don’t even compare in size to the X10. The X10 is one of the smallest and brightest lights to ever come through our store. Getting that much output out of a torch this small is definitely an accomplishment.

If you need something small that will light up the whole world around you, then the Maelstrom X10 is definitely the light you are looking for.