Acebeam X80 25,000 Lumen 4 x 18650 CREE XHP50 Multi-Color LED Flashlight

Acebeam X80 25,000 Lumen 4 x 18650 CREE XHP50 Multi-Color LED Flashlight

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Acebeam X80 25,000 Lumen 4 x 18650 CREE XHP50 Multi-Color LED Flashlight

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The all-new Acebeam X80 is a trailblazing "soda can" sized flashlight designed to protect and serve forensic, emergency rescue and searching personnel. Twelve CREE XHP50.2 emitters deliver an unprecedented flood of up to 25,000 lumens of white light to 332 meters, while CREE XPE2 and Nichia emitters produce pure red, green, blue and ultra-violet light for specialist applications. The X80 is powered by four Acebeam high-drain (20A) 3,100mAh protected lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and all functions are accessed from a single button for easy one-handed operation. This flashlight is equipped with advanced electronics, machined from aircraft-grade aluminium and sealed to underwater 30 meters to ensure long service life under the most adverse conditions.


  • 12x CREE® XHP50.2 LED Bulb 50,000 Hours Life Time
  • 2*CREE XPE2-R2 630nm
  • 2*CREE XPE2-B4 475nm
  • 2*CREE XPE2-G3 530nm
  • 1*Nichia 233A 365nm
  • 25,000 lumens
  • 4*18650 Battery
  • 117.7mm(length)x 65mm(head diameter)x 49mm(tube diameter)
  • Underwater 30 meters
  • 330g without battery
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 12*CREE XHP50.2
  • 2*CREE XPE2-R2 630nm
  • 2*CREE XPE2-B4 475nm
  • 2*CREE XPE2-G3 530nm
  • 1*Nichia 233A 365nm
Additional Specifications, run times, and mode values:
  • Max 25000 lumens output by using 4 * 18650 Acebeam High Drain lithium rechargeable batteries; 
  • Ultra Low: 80lms, 52hours;
  • Low: 800lms, 8.5hours;
  • Mid: 2500lms, 3hours;
  • High: 5000lms-4000lms, 20 minutes +1 hours;  
  • Turbo: 11000lms-4000lms, 3 minutes + 1.5 hours; 
  • Turbo-max: 25000lms-4000lms, 1 minutes + 1.3 hours; 
  • Strobe: 5000lms, 3 hours;
  • RED: 270lms, 9 hours; GREEN: 350lms, 10 hours;
  • BLUE: 170lms, 6.7 hours; UV: 2lms, 17 hours;
  • Working voltage: 10V to 16.8V;
  • Max runtime: 52 hours;  
  • Max beam distance: 332 meters;
  • Peak beam intensity: 
  • 12*CREE XHP50.2: 27480cd, 332 meters;
  • 2*CREE XPE2-R2 630nm Red: 237cd, 30 meters;
  • 2*CREE XPE2-B4 475nm Blue: 150cd, 25 meters;
  • 2*CREE XPE2-G3 530nm Green: 261cd, 32 meters;
  • 1*Nichia 233A 365nm UV:  129cd, 15 meters;
  • Impact resistant: 1.2 meters;
  • Underwater 30 meters(The X80 is the most durable flashlight yet produced by Acebeam,
  • capable of surviving accidental immersion to extreme depths of up to 30 metres! However it is not a diving light,
  • and should not be turned on or off underwater.);
  • Size: 117.7mm(length)x 65mm(head diameter)x 49mm(tube diameter);
  • Weight: 330g without battery;
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure;
  • Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish; 
  • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance;
  • Strobe mode for tactical and emergency use;
  • Smooth reflector for max light output;
  • Highly focused beam for maximum distance;
  • Tactical knurling for firm grip;
  • Streamlined body design;
  • Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max per-formance and long run time;
  • Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety;
  • Specially designed for military, Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting, Search & Rescue, Diving and Outdoor activities.

Additional Information

Model X80
Manufacturer Acebeam
Video Review No
Color No
Beacon No
Body Color Black
Compatible Batteries 4 x 18650
Mode Changing Method Side Switch
Holster Included Yes
Pocket Clip No
Crenulated Bezel Yes
Infinite Ouput Adjustment No
LED Tint Cool
Secondary LED Color Blue, Green, Red, UV
Max Lumens 25000
Min Lumens 80
Beam Distance (Meters) 332
Modes 10
Strobe Yes
Switch Type Electronic
Programmable No
Body Material Aluminum
Weight grams 330
Weight oz 11.64
Length Inches 4.6
Length mm 117
Body Diameter Inches 1.93
Body Diameter mm 49
Head Diameter Inches 2.55
Head Diameter mm 65


Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

A Little Gimmicky Light
The Acebeam X80 is truly a wonder. With 12 Cree XHP50.2 leds it out powers the discontinued Foursevens XM 18 (with 18 leds) by 10,000 lumens. While not the brightest production flashlight on the market it sure is small and powerful.

That said this is a gimmicky light. The main area of the light (where memory states reside) has to cycle through 7 states to get back to the state you were originally in. It’s really annoying if all you wanted was to get the the previous state that it was in before the state you’re currently in. At least the turbo and super turbo are double clicks and the strobe is a triple clicks away. The double clicks are also very difficult to engage. Half the time it works, other times it just shuts off. It’s like the button was not electronically de-bounced properly so a slight error in rhythm or pressure on the button causes incorrect modes to occur. I still haven’t got the hang of it yet. Takes practice.

The other issues are the actually using the light in it’s turbo modes and the manufacturer’s design/build thinking. Turbo and turbo S CANNOT be used w/o wearing high-temp (leather or Nomex) gloves. The surface temperature rises so quickly it becomes way too hot to hold let alone touch to turn off or reset the control button to a lower level. It’s like you’re touching the electric stove heating element and seeing how long you can keep your hand there when you first turn it on.

I’m not trying to second guess what Acebeam was thinking but in making the lightest and brightest light on the market they also made it almost unusable in turbo modes. The flashlight slightly shorter than the Olight X7R, with the same weight and a lot less aluminum mass. The less mass made the heat lag to the outside occur faster than it should (the Olight X7R having more aluminum along with the lower heat and light output allowing the user to hold the flashlight a lot longer) not allowing bare-handed holding of the flashlight. I actually gave my index finger a 1st degree burn.

One last minor issue was the battery holder. You need to be very careful about positioning the IMR batteries in the holder otherwise it won’t fit in the flashlight. You get used to setting the correct positions of the batteries after a few tries. Again, like the double and triple clicks it takes practice.

With all that I still like the light. Maybe Imalent or Olight will be better alternatives but for now it’s the king of the hill.
Review by Kean / (Posted on 9/14/2017)
Going to buy this light "Sabre"
I'm going to purchase this light and so I hope it's okay that I write a review. If not just delete it and I'll write one when I receive the light. Free shipping is the best value. Why pay for half the flashlight plus the flashlight to get it overnight? "Good things come to those who wait. From Marshal's video reviews of this "Light Sabre" I'd say it's a great product from just viewing the videos. Will update my review when I receive the light. Thank you.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 8/26/2017)
Great light rip-off postage costs.
Great light but I don't think $135.64 postage is acceptable for this light.

Response from Going Gear: We charge what the shipping services charge us and pass along any bulk savings that the carriers give us.
Review by Flashaholics / (Posted on 8/12/2017)