JETBeam SRA40 Aluminum LED Flashlight, 1100 Lumens

JETBeam SRA40 Aluminum LED Flashlight, 1100 Lumens

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JETBeam SRA40 Aluminum LED Flashlight, 1100 Lumens

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Jetbeam SRA40 Rechargeable LED Flashlight with CREE XM-L2 U2 LED - 960 Lumens - Uses 4x AA NiMh/Alkaline Batteries

Jetbeam has created a truly powerful EDC powered by AA batteries with the newest SRA40 LED flashlight. With 960 lumens generated in turbo mode from four AA batteries, and up to 45 hours of runtime in the 20 lumen low mode, this light is a true success. Equipped with a CREE XM-L2 LED and its 'Crystal Coating Technology', this amazingly bright flashlight provides extreme reflector performance with a beam distance of 390 meters. Its toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating ensures the highest optical efficiency and light transmittance. With its easy-to-use interface and innovative dual switches, there is easy access to 3 levels of outputs. JetBeam also designed the SRA40 with an LED low power indicator, which shows the current condition of power so you're never left in the dark.

Powered by widely available and affordable AA batteries, the SRA40 can be used with four NiMH rechargeable or Alkaline batteries. The ergonomic design consists of four-side milling and traditional knurling for a firm grip. The SRA40 is built with a durable aluminum body and a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

Notice: To avoid overheating and protect LED & battery lifespan, the flashlight will step down to lower brightness automatically after high output incessantly lasting for 3 minutes.

Additional Information

Model SRA40
Manufacturer Jetbeam
Video Review No
Color Black
Beacon No
Body Color Black
Compatible Batteries 4 x AA
Mode Changing Method Side Switch
Holster Included No
Pocket Clip No
Crenulated Bezel No
Infinite Ouput Adjustment No
LED Tint Cool
Secondary LED Color None
Max Lumens 960
Min Lumens 20
Beam Distance (Meters) 390
Modes 5
Strobe Yes
Switch Type Side
Programmable No
Body Material Aluminum
Weight grams 245
Weight oz 8.64
Length Inches 4.92
Length mm 125
Body Diameter Inches 1.69
Body Diameter mm 43
Head Diameter Inches 1.89
Head Diameter mm 48


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Jetbeam Masterpice!
How am I the first one to review this incredible little light? This just isnt a flashlight, it just isnt something that seems like its out of science fiction its BETTER than science fiction cause its real! This Jetbeam throws one of the best most usable high powered beams I have EVER seen! It has incredible throw for its size and is the most heavily built "stubby" light on the market.

Downsides are the built in charger is practically useless as it charges at 0.35 and doesnt charge well. Another downside is the threaded mount on the tailcap which is actually for a screw in spike(!!) that Jetbeam sells it just gets in the way. Yes you can screw it onto a tripod as long as the tripod threading is metric. Last and biggest downside for the SRA40 is that for some reason it does NOT come with a holster!! For how much this light costs at least a cheap holster should be included.

Despite all that the SRA40 is still one of the baddest lights I own and I own dozens of high end LED lights. The lights body is made of some of the thickest aluminum Ive ever seen on a light which makes it a good bricklike weapon should the need arise.

Perfect switch!! The heavy duty industrial rubber power and mode switches are stone cold perfect! Easily workable with gloves on. The brushed stainless steel switch cover Jetbeam uses here is a very very nice touch. No battery carrier here instead the battery slots are machined out of the aluminum body itself.

I use this light alot despite its weight and near Coke can width I carry this with me whenever I can over dozens of other lights I have. Describing the beam would go something like this: Take a 4D cell M*glight and make it 1/4 the original size then make it 9 times brighter and youve got the incredibly wide beam featuring crisp well focused hot spot that gives the beam a real 3 dimensional feel once you throw in the candela rating of a 4D cell M*glight and you dont just have a palm sized flashlight youve got a palm sized near indestructable photon canon!

Light is so good I am looking into having a custom sheath made BUY IT!

Review by Bryan / (Posted on 12/1/2014)
Near perfect 4xAA
First off I am a flashaholic with a couple dozen high end LED lights so I am pretty experienced here. First thing that you need to know about the Jetbeam SRA40 is that it is SO good a light that I personally consider it a classic. Why? First off this is one of the most heavily built lights I have ever seen. It is virtually indestructible. Secondly and biggest reason why this light is an instant classic is that it has one of the best beam profiles I have ever seen!

Private testing on has revealed that the SRA40 is actually putting out 890-900 lumens out the front which while still off the rated 960 lumens is still searingly bright and is made even more impressive by the lights HUGE beam profile. Think 4D cell Maglite beam how wide it is yet with a powerful and well defined hotspot. Also this thing is over 35000 candela which means it throws just as well as a 4D cell Mag too.

So in essence its as if somebody took a 4D cell Maglite shrunk it down to 1/4 the size and made it 8 times brighter! This Jetbeam is nothing but high quality from end to end. The threaded mount on the tailcap is actually meant for a spike/glassbreaker that Jetbeam makes that looks just bizarre when installed. You can also screw the light onto a camera tripod just as long as the threads on the tripod are metric.

My biggest rave about this classic is the switch setup is one of the best ever. The brushed stainless steel switch cover is a NICE touch. The switches themselves are heavy duty rubber that have near perfect feel.

Rechargeable! Although the built in charging system charges at a low rate it charges safely and completely. A set of 4 rechargeable NIMH batteries (I use 2400mah Imedion) will take several hours to charge fully.

I love this lights HUGE deep reflector as well as the high quality AR coated glass lens.

This light just does not get hot! The body is so thick and heavy that heat just dissipates almost instantly.

There is one drawback to this light-NO SHEATH!! Seriously Jetbeam? You make a light this good and dont even include a cheap sheath for it? This light is SO good though I am looking into having a custom sheath made. So if you are looking for a AA powered yet scorchingly bright and compact light that also has some darn good throw then this light is it! BUY IT!
Review by Bryan / (Posted on 11/29/2014)