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Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Fluid Lighter

Product Review (submitted on July 15, 2014):
I love this lighter. It's just a little more interesting than your standard peanut lighter. BUT, there needs to be an o-ring replacement kit that has at least 10-20 additional o-rings. The o-rings used are not thick at all and degrade rather quickly from the lighter fluid and general use. If you're carrying it in your pocket like I do it will come loose and your fuel will evaporate. I have had to start keeping a piece of duct tape around it to keep it secure. I don't know if this will work. I know they just released version two of this lighter, but the one flaw of this lighter was not addressed, the thin o-rings that come with it. There just isn't enough o-ring to hold up to frequent use and the lighter fluid If you're keeping it in your pocket and actually using the thing you'd need to put on a new o-ring at least once or twice a month. I will try and find some new o-rings that work and when I do I'll edit this review with a size/store that has them. Maybe there could be an accessory kit that has an extra lighter and 20 o-rings.