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Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston v2

Product Review (submitted on November 10, 2013):
High marks for a quality, compact fire piston. The price is a fair price for this high quality product. This is the first fire piston I've purchased and tried. Since I've mastered flint & steel, ferro rods, glass lens and the trusty Bic lighter, I decided to add this method of igniting a char cloth ember to my list of fire making capabilities. My first attempts at getting the glowing ember were a series of dismal failures. I was using old blue jean material & after digging through my char cloth supply, I decided to try a piece of charred cotton make-pad and had instant success! I discovered that using char cloth from cotton uncontaminated with years of laundry cycles and dyes makes all the difference in the best char cloth to use in getting an ember. Using a piece of charred cotton lamp wick is the best overall char cloth for this fire piston because it easily loads into the tinder notch. I've added a paper clip to this kit to assist in packing the char cloth into, and removing the lit ember from the tinder notch. Overall I'm very pleased with the speed of delivery, ease of use, and the design of this fire piston.